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Friday, August 14, 2009

Web Casts and Videos

I've been pretty busy the last few months delivering trainings and going to conferences, but there has been some of my content posted up to Microsoft.com that I thought I would let you all know about!

The first three are webcasts, they are all 100 level, but are a good explanation of some of the OTHER embedded technologies from Microsoft besides Windows Embedded CE. Here are the links:

MSDN Webcast: How to Tell If Your Project or Solution is "Embedded" (Level 100)
MSDN Webcast: Windows Embedded Standard 2009 for Windows Developers (Level 100)
MSDN Webcast: Windows Embedded POSReady for Windows Developers (Level 100)

The next link is to a set of videos I did at the Microsoft Studios. This is a web version of 4-day Windows CE 6.0 training that I deliver. I see this as a good introduction, or review if you've been through the training already, but it is not a replacement. The content is much shorter, and not nearly as dynamic as having a speaker standing in front of you talking. Instead of having the audience do labs, I also had to convert these to demostrations, I am pretty happy with those. I feel like this format for the training is a bit... dry... but it is a good first step for those of you that want to get an understanding of CE and learn the tools a little.

Building Solutions with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2


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